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Katrina Loren Exconde

SF Bay Area, California

About My Work

I am inspired by the logic behind the patterns, textures, colors and organic forms in nature focusing particularly in rocks but not limited by them. My art is a constant evolution of my learning experience that I hope to share to others where I learn important values such as harmony, balance, freedom, patience and contentment.

Life Influences

My husband and son, family and friends, acquaintances and strangers, and writings of Billy Eduard Albert Meier.

from LOVE Teaching letter No. 27, page 296

Liebe blühet herrlich in allem Sein, in Tieren und Blumen am Wiesenrain, im Menschen, im Wort und auch im Singen, und ewig wird sie die Welt durchdringen.
Stetig wird Liebe das Ziel sein vom Leben und allzeitlich wird sie in Logik gegeben.

Love flourishes splendidly in all BEINGS, in animals and flowers in the fields, in humans, in words and also in singing, and forever it will permeate the world. Love will continuously be the purpose of existence and all-timely it is given in logic.



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