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Vienna Austria

I studied and taught Art and Languages for several years in Austria, Canada (Québec Cité), and the US (Chicago). Now I live and work as a visual artist and designer in my hometown Vienna, Austria. My ambition is to create digital art inspired by the beauty that surrounds us: nature, light, colors and shapes. I am also fascinated by specific ideas and visualizations in the context of history of art and architecture, and try to transfer them into our time and contemporary taste. Art Nouveau and Art Déco designs, which were created in abundance some 100 years ago, are one of my favorite art concepts. Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and the Pattern & Decoration Movement are another source of inspiration. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] I'd love to receive a photo of you enjoying my artwork and supporting a good cause as part of my profit goes to the protection of animals and the environment.



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