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Alisa Milewski

Dover, New Hampshire

I began my artistic journey after being shown by my younger daughter in 2013 how to apply melted crayon method to canvas with a blow dryer, and I took it to another level.
Evolution of my work has grown with each setback as my inner voice screamed beauty in the midst of these storms.
Through Darkness comes light, through fear comes love and through pain and suffering comes Triumph. Everything that I went through, every struggle, every life lesson was actually a gift because it made me go deeper in myself to find who I really was, to find my true colors, to find my inner strength. I want others to see and know there is beauty in the darkness, there is beauty in your pain and tears and heartache. There is beauty in the ashes. There is a rainbow after the storms. I want people to see my True Colors as a message of hope and faith and love, to give them the hope and courage and strength to show it is possible to overcome the battles we endure in this lifetime. Art saved my life, art is my therapy where I take the physical and emotional pain I feel and I turn it into something beautiful and bright on the canvas. My art tells a story of a woman that has been in the depths of hell and is a Survivor, like many of us are!! Never give up hope, Never give up your dreams. Thank you to everyone that supported me through the darkness, I am still here because of all of your support and encouragement. Its my turn to pay you all back, by sharing my True Colors with you all.



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