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Alli Cullimore

Perth, Western Australia

Hi, I'm Alli Cullimore, an abstract artist and I love to paint and create all things abstract.

On moving to Australia in 2004 from the UK, I have walked into a maze of various artforms and techniques and greatly admire the art of local aboriginal artists who produce amazing glimpes into the history and culture of Australia. Their use of colour and the thought put into their designs is wonderful to see.

My true appreciation of art didn't start until I was in my 30's and it took me to 40 before my first attempt at painting. I quickly discovered that I loved it and haven't stopped since, hence Abstracts by Alli. I don't have any formal training, I just paint what I think and feel at the time and am constantly learning new techniques and applications.

My venture into soft furnishings and clothing is a new step for me. I am amazed at what can be created from an art piece and am loving exploring and creating with my images.

I hope you enjoy my pieces and thanks for stopping by!



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