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AlyZen Moonshadow

Rockingham, Western Australia

Having grown up educated in the Arts, graduating with a B.A (Hons) in Music from Kingston University in the United Kingdom in 1994, I have over the years dabbled in Arts and Crafts in various forms. In the late 1990s I was an established Teddy Bear Artist in the United Kingdom, selling my handmade artist teddy bears through several shops in Eton near Windsor, and also in London and through commissions. My moniker was "Bearheart Designs", and all my bears sported a heart-shaped nose. I also ran a business "Bears To Fairs" in 2002, where artists around the world sent me their bears and I sold them at fairs around England.

I am somewhat unusual in that I am an artist who cannot draw. Despite that, I had 2 solo Art exhibitions in Ronda, Andalucia, Spain, in 2004 and 2005, the first which was of Abstract Art, the second was Collage and titled "Themes and Dreams". After that, I moved to Asturias in the north of Spain, where I felted old jumpers bought on eBay and created handbags out of them.

When I moved to the Republic of Ireland in 2007, I lived in an old farmhouse with outbuildings full of industrial junk. This led to me creating 25 pieces of Assemblage inspired by the Master of Assemblage, Michael De Meng. 2 of my pieces were exhibited in the Christmas Show in Carrick-on-Shannon in 2008.

I first picked up an iPhone in 2010, and fell in love with the possibilities it offered in the field of photography. Not being able to draw in the Classical sense, iPhoneography gave me the outlet I needed, to be able to add depth and texture to my photos and thus create something new out of them. The genre of iPhoneography or iPhone Art was as yet unknown in Western Australia, where I emigrated to in December 2010. I set about researching and finding fellow iPhoneographers, and in July 2011 orchestrated Perth's very first iPhoneography Exhibition at the Apple Store. Here I gave live demonstrations on how to create different effects using Apple's iPhone and Apps. My images, and that of the other 6 iPhoneographers I selected for the show, were displayed on iPads around the Apple Store.

My Art has evolved since then. In April 2011 I published a photobook on Blurb called "Dalienutopia", a play on words about Dali and Utopia. The images were of Western Australian wetlands, with added colours and textures. This was followed in July 2012 by a Lulu photobook, "The iFlower Series", based on flower photography, a subject still close to my heart. In January 2013 I published a Mixbook photobook titled "Surreal", which showcased my favourite surrealistic iPhone Art images.

I was one of the earliest members of the iPhoneography community MobiTog, and was a Moderator on its Forum from 2011-2012. I instigated MobiTog's first ever weekly Challenge, "Where in the World - Subject to Interpretation". This was one of MobiTog's most successful features, which led to many other Challenges being started and operated. I also ran other Challenges, specifically the "Macro Challenge" and "Where's Dolly" and "Postcards from Ewe". Towards the end of 2012 I initiated and helped organise a large iPhoneography Exhibition in New York, courtesy of FX Photo Studio and MobiTog.

My work has been exhibited in many different places, at MINA in New Zealand, in the NY FX Photo Studio Show, at the LA-MAF Show, and some of my images are on sale through sites such as RedBubble, Zazzle, Fine Art America, Society 6, DeviantArt. And yet my work is still evolving. In December 2012 I converted to Androidography after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I am currently immersed in a Series (or two!) of images revolving around the rather unusual and quirky subject of Teacups, which I stack and photograph and then App. I have also recently ventured into the field of Mixed Media where my teacup images are printed onto A3 tissue paper, and then affixed to A3 canvasses, sealed and then varnished several times over.

ALyZen Moonshadow
April 2013


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