Amanda L. Gamble picture

Amanda L. Gamble

Washington, USA

Amanda L. Gamble is passionate about telling stories through bold, competing colors in her paintings and ink drawings as well as the high contrasts of black and white with splashes of color.

Born hearing impaired, she was placed into an aggressive speech and language program at 3 years old to learn skills she missed in order to catch up and function in the hearing world.

Because hearing was secondary, she learned to compensate through sight. Relying on listening to visual cues, subtleties are more noticeable to her in everyday life.

Amanda's paintings are statement pieces. Some of them reflect coincidentally earth from afar. The organic methods she imposes creates a flow that will not happen twice. What results is purely chance because she is truly in the moment with brush in hand and paint on canvas.

Her linear works are more structured, however, they too are created with the same technique as the organic pieces.

In translating sight, feelings and sound to material form, Amanda ultimately brings you fresh, spontaneous, authentic, and ever-expanding art forms.


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