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Glasgow, KY

I am eccentric. I am creative. I am not what you expect or what I ever thought I'd become. I dream. I see. I imagine. I capture souls. I am an opinionated and expressive writer. I stand up for what I believe in and I won't back down. I see a world full of mystery and shiny new experiences though bright eyes. My home is deeply lost hiking or camping in nature or enjoying the weightlessness of healing water. I feel freedom in the life around us untouched by humans. I find comfort in camouflage. I find passion in self-expression and accept the differences in others. I long for a future where no one is judged for being who they are. A future where to change your stars is a choice we make, not one forced by society and especially not by a government that controls its people. I am drawn to the vintage curiosities left behind from those in the past. I am guided by the truth that life is short and in each of us lies a destiny forged by our own karma and goals for the future. I have been through many things that I wish could've been differently. Yet I find there is strength in adversity. My hope for you is that you find the rainbow after the storm and keep walking towards the glittery pot of gold. Not for the riches, but for the individuality that lies within finding the real treasure of a life well lived and a legacy worth remembering. I am a Mother who hopes to leave behind such a legacy that can aide in a better future for my children and those in future generations. To at least inspire the mindset to be good to others and to follow their dreams even in the darkest days...♥

{My Menagerie:}
♥ Lorna...5yrs
♥ Tristan...3yrs
♥ 4 cats (three of which I've had for 10+ years, 1 Papillon, 1 goldfish, 2 rabbits, 1 snapping turtle.
♥ Oh and the Husband... ;)


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