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Amelie Simmons

Long Beach California USA

My passion for my artwork originates from a strong desire to capture images of life moments, places, and feelings onto canvas. I find inspiration locally and from my adventures while traveling. Scuba diving has provided me with a new perspective of the underwater world; while my career as a clinical scientist has given me access to the invisible world under a microscope. My creative process also comes from as far as outer space and as close as my inner child. My paintings are of images and places that move me.

I have always been an artist by heart. I have loved drawing since elementary school and have been a photographer during my college years. I first picked up a paintbrush at a local Paint and Sip class. This sparked a dormant creativity within me that exploded into an obsession. I would like to share my interpretation of what moves me with others and hope they are also touched by what they see. Speaking of touch, I use dimensional media in my tactile paintings that everyone can and should touch. I have always wanted to touch textured paintings, but for obvious reasons these works of art are off limits. These dimensional (touch me) paintings are dedicated to the visually impaired and those that "feel" the urge to touch artwork as I do.


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