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Milwaukee, WI, USA

Instagram: Each scarf is designed after one of my Instagram posts.

Scarves to inspire, encourage, and make change.

It's tough to turn ideas into a long-term mindset. We have something between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. I thought, "if I could have something near me throughout my day that could remind me of a positive message, many more of my 50-70K thoughts would be healthy thoughts, and I'd have a much better chance of turning these ideas into a long-term mindset." What could be closer or more comforting than something draped delicately around your neck? I've always loved scarves, but it was really about inspiring higher mental and emotional health in myself.

My scarves are designed using my own photos, and many of my photos are natural scenes, so they are inherently soothing and aesthetically pleasing. I also chose photos with colors that evoke the emotions I wanted to be inspired to feel according to each message. Blue evokes calmness, contentment, and spirituality. Green evokes happiness, optimism, health, and energy.

I wish that my scarves can influence a healthier mindset for you, too! A little daily love, hope, and encouragement can go a long way.


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