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Okemos MI USA

Welcome to Apart n Design. We are an artist based business .
Our designs are a blend of origional art and photography with a unique twist.
If you like to stand out in a croud then this is for you.

Woman's Clothing Sizes
USA________XS (0 - 2)_____S (4 - 6)_____M (8 - 10)_____L (12 - 14)____ XL (16)
Bust________ 32" _________ 34"_________ 37"__________ 40"___________ 42"
Waist ______ 24"__________ 26"_________ 28"__________ 31"___________ 33"
Hips________ 35"__________ 37"_________ 39"__________ 42"___________ 44"

Scarf 10" x 45" or 16" x 72" *Choose from polychiffon, satin charmeuse, or matte crepe
Tote Bag 14" x 17" with a 44" *adjustable strap.
*92% polyester, 8% spandex.
*Soft and supple double knit neoprene fabric shell stretches and holds as you fill it.
Origami Tote *While we call it the Origami tote, you can fold our origami crepe cloth into a tote bag,
*Use it as an impromptu picnic blanket, a scarf, or the most beautiful present wrapping.
*100% polyester heavy crape
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Scarves by Apart n Design By A Phillips

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