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New Zealand - Auckland

As an artist I Sarah Liz Walker had originally created paintings that depict animals and plant life in different environments. Now I have with my paintings expanded their beauty by turning them into kaleidoscopic patterns.
After working for many years full time as an Operating Room Nurse I decided to pick up a paint brush and experiment with painting in Gouache and some acrylic. Since i have been agency nursing I have been able to experiment with ideas and a wide range of colours for my paintings.
The people who have really inspired me to take a serious effort to try and paint again are members of my family. My Grandfather Webster Nash was a watercolour artist from lake Taupo in New Zealand and my mother Jeannette Walker was an oil and watercolour artist. Both were well known in New Zealand.
I remember when I was four years old being fascinated as I would watch my Grandfather paint. His studio was a very small space in between the garage and the entrance to the hallway in their house. Everything was in its particular place, there were so many assorted paints and paintbrushes, old watercolours stacked up and wooden painting frames.He captured such precious pictures of scenes on and around the lake and now these scenes would not exist now as lake Taupo has been developed so much over the last thirty years.
Also I liked to watch my Mum paint too. One of the old bedrooms in the family home was converted into a studio. My mother loved to paint and it was lovely to see the end result of her creations. One thing that the dog would do would be to fall asleep right behind her where she was standing and painting at the easel. On numerous occasions Mum would nearly trip over the dog when she would take a moment to step back and review the progress she had made on her painting.
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