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Christina Baird was born and raised on Canada's enchanting island of Newfoundland. Her early exposure to nature and the simplicity of life has influenced her as an artist. She continued to work on her craft and would find herself doodling and sketching as a way to create personal bliss and calm.

Her innate ability to create expressions of happiness that celebrate the beauty of the moments and the art of being grateful are clearly evident in each creation. *Backyard Buddha Designs* came about as her friends, family and acquaintances continually asked her to share her gift.

Christina currently lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband and her beautiful daughters To Christina, it is the process and the final expression of calm and encouragement that motivated *Backyard Buddha Designs*. Her personal wish is that you will find pleasure in adorning your life with her whimsical products, and feel the energy that each piece has to offer.

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