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German-based Digital Artist / Web Developer Philipp Rietz aka Badbugs_Art works as Freelance creative and do magically illustration and Design experiments. I'm a 26-year old artist considers my art as a personal hobby which turned out to be my full-time freelance work.

I do all kinds of Digital Media, blogging, personal projects, client projects and a lot of stuff for International POD Sites like Society6, Spreadshirt, DBH, Redbubble etc. and crowdsourcing online communities.

Most of my works are characterized by colorfulness, high contrast, creativity, patterns, cute characters and little design elements. I create modern and High Creative Web Sites, Themes, Print Media, Animations, Fashion and mostly all kinds of GFX.

I'm open for any cool Projects and Ideas, so if you need some help or want collaborate send me a mail to:

[email protected]

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