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bobblehead nanna

Meadow Springs, Australia

Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2010, I had to give up my work as a Junior Primary Teacher and search for something to do to keep me positive and motivated. I discovered that painting was the answer. I've developed strategies to accomodate my slowness and lack of brush control that is present most of the time...and when I get my 30-40 minutes of "good 'on' time" every 5 hours, I do as much intricate work as I can before my hands stop working again. Listening to music with a specific beat helps my hands to do any repetitive work.
Using bright cheerful colours to paint happy birds and cheeky Emus in a variety of silly situations takes me to my happy place....and everyone who sees my pieces says that they make them feel uplifted and they can't help but smile.


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