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About the Author

Bojan Eftimov has always inherently carried in himself the amazing talent, passion and love towards the creation of art. Even since his earliest childhood days, he had the chance to experience the miracle of art through the outstanding life art carrier of his Grandmother, a professional painter.

Born and raised in the cradle of art, he managed to not only live up to the inherited art standards, but to even further advance them in a subtle and miraculous way.

He started out by building an outstanding carrier in computer design, through which he proved his natural talent for perfection in creating and combining colours, shapes and ideas. His computer designs, 3D animations, video, posters, brochures, banners, event design concepts, inevitably catch the artistic eye and target the senses. Eftimov’s computer design expression radiates his boundless inclination towards art.

Eftimov could not but go further in creating art. Enchanted by the magic of creating colours and translating the artistic inner sensations on canvas, he dwelt into the ocean of watercolour and acrylic paintings. Bravely experimenting with subjects, themes and concepts, Eftimov now creates art surprisingly rich in colours, shades, mid-tomes and transitions.

Bojan Eftimov not only remained, but instead he grew into an amazing true artist. His peaces of art on paper, board and canvas are luminous. He reaffirms that design is like gravity, which in his case led him towards the creation of art which then became his own art of life.


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