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Laguna Beach CA

Brian Allan is a professional career artist with hundreds of paintings in private and corporate collections worldwide. Allan is a 4th generation native Californian who now resides in Laguna Beach California. Allan's work is represented in well established galleries in major art markets through out the United States. He is also represented by a number of consultants and private dealers in the United States and Asia.

“The words meticulous and spontaneous would go a long way toward describing my approach to art. More definitively, I would describe it as a desire to meld symmetry with asymmetry. My motivation to make art comes from my insatiable need to create. Like most artists - creating is like eating, sleeping and breathing... I simply must do it! There is also the craving to continually find deeper and deeper expression through my work. When people respond positively to my work, I somehow feel that they are responding to the real me, or at least something closer to my essence. And, a negative response can often times foster inner strength as well as outward growth. My best ideas are almost always born in the midst of mistakes and failure.

I find abstraction, and especially non-representational abstraction, to have a never- ending, ever- increasing allure. I believe abstract forms to be the nuts and bolts of the so called Primordial Soup, and the foundation of all possible actions and reactions. Therefore, I must conclude, that all things which would be considered representational, or familiar to the minds of mortals - had to have their origin in some ambiguous form. For this and other reasons, I find it difficult to imagine ever growing weary of the infinite possibilities of abstraction”


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