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Brilliantly Bri

Casper, Wyoming

Growing up in rural Nebraska with no TV prompted Bri Martin to explore her creative side. She began to paint, draw, or sketch anything and everything. This is when her love of art was born.

Bri graduated from Chadron State College with her Bachelors in fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design. In 2007 she moved to Casper, WY & has enjoyed living there since. Since 2009 she’s been a REALTOR and loves the variety real estate brings day to day, but still spends plenty of early mornings and evenings painting.

Bri draws inspiration from nature, graphic design and most recently motivational quotes. She loves to create colorful abstract paintings that are balanced in both color and design.

When Bri isn’t painting she loves being outdoors, spending time with her friends, and most importantly raising her two wonderful kids.


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