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This space is a labour of love.
It is apart of me unfolding and coming together over the years, and being able to share with the world what I hold most sacred.

I feel held by this place I call home. This place that no matter where I have gone has always called me back.

It has inspired me and stretched me as a person. I think the places we are born from can have this effect.
This place to me is the Ottawa Valley.

It is a place that has taught me to slow down and enjoy myself.
To appreciate the simple moments in life.

That life isn't a race, although I know I still struggle with this. That I realize nobody has it figured out, we are all just pretending or trying our best.

I also realize that it is ok not to have it figured out.
I am just a human being, after all.
I want to love and be loved.

Smile, breathe, and when someone says G' day a famous valley greeting and "How she going" I want to relish at that moment that life is giving me.

Those experiences simple and wild as they are, is what, I hope my art can provide to you. I wish everyone who visits my site a fantastic day.

Thank you for stopping by.


Brianne Raddatz


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