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Laura CaltaBiano

San Diego, California

I am an Italian designer, born and raised in Sicily. My mission is to conjugate authentic Italian style with history. All the designs I create have a story to tell, for example one of the many legends the elders used to tell us children during the long summer nights. The art style I adopt is unique as well, because it reflects the vibes traditionally found in Italian ceramics and glass artworks.
My creation process always includes historical references, and it often takes me inside museums where I find old works without an author, or whose story has simply been forgotten. I often revisit those museum artworks, giving a new story-line to ancient characters looking for a story.
My journey as a designer started before the digital revolution, when artists were trained by the "maestri" on traditional mediums. I attended the historical glass school of Murano (Venice), where I fell in love with the colors of the "millefiori" glass. In Southern Italy, I also learned the traditional techniques of ceramic decoration, in the picturesque city where ceramic was born, Caltagirone.
The colors of glass and ceramics talked about the richness of the sea, the contrasts of the land...and told stories that captivated the mind and the heart. But ceramics and glass artworks could not be worn, and their price and fragility made them objects that only few people could enjoy. When I trained as a digital designer, I understood that I could transpose traditional Italian art onto fabric, giving it a new life and a new audience.
This concept marked the birth of "CaltaBiano designs", Italian designs with a story.



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