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Candy Paull

Nashville, Tennessee USA

I love chasing the light, and finding those numinous moments of beauty that speak to the soul. The play of light on petal and leaf offer a special fascination for my artist's eye. I am a singer/songwriter and a published author, but love visual art as well. I bought my first digital camera in 2006, and it opened a beautiful new world. I can now share that beauty with you in gorgeous products that are designed to bring out the luminous and soulful spirit of those who buy and use them. My wish is that the dress you wear, the fabric you buy, the treasures that adorn your life, will lift your spirits and remind you that you are a unique gift to the world. Author Thomas Moore says, "A photograph is a liminal space, a middle region where the soul comes to is an uncanny presencing of self and world that is pure, deep, and revealing."

May these gifts of color, light, and beauty remind you of your truest and deepest beauty.



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