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Chicago, IL.

At the age of six Carlos Marcelo Lorenzana Montoya along with his family emigrated from Guatemala to Chicago, where he currently resides. At the age of thirteen; Carlos, discovered Street Art, using concrete and steel as his canvas. During his youth he defined his own concept of art to convey his ideas. After attending Robert Morris College, where he obtained an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design; and followed by his continued education at Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, his art began to branch out into new directions.

Over the years, Carlos has developed an interest in ancient civilizations, ancient religions, the origins of humanity, mythology, spirituality and the exploration of one’s consciousness through meditation.

His Paintings help him develop an understanding of how all things are connected through the web of consciousness. Carlos aspires to make art that people can reflect upon and also open their minds to new possibilities. Namely the search for spirituality and a connection to the general consciousness, through a more abstract approach.
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