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Calgary, AB

Carmen Erison is an Alberta artist who creates acrylic fluid paintings. Born and raised in St. Paul, Alberta, Carmen currently resides in Calgary. Her art pursuits began 5 years ago when she attended a paint and sip at a local pub. From there she began taking YouTube tutorials, creating various acrylic landscape and animal paintings. In November 2018, she discovered fluid art and her eyes were opened to all new possibilities!

That's the official biography. Here's the fun one. WOW! I never thought this would be my life! Many people who have known me for years have said, "Carmen, I never knew your were an artist?". My answer is..."Neither did I!" Fluid art has brought out a whole new creative side I never knew I had. So, much, that I've poured my heart and soul into it and have never looked back. My mind is often swimming with ideas that it is hard to keep them all straight. I simply love this new creative side of me and hope you enjoy the pieces just as much as I've enjoyed creating them.


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