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Chelleen Houle

Port Simpson, BC Canada

Chelleen Houle is a Metis acrylic painter, multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in Port Simpson, British Columbia. Her self teaching in Northwest Coast Artwork began in 2007 as a personal hobby, inspired by the the beauty of the art and the stories of their creation.

Every piece of artwork created by Chelleen, are from actual moments of inspiration. Inspiration that has evolved from living on the North Pacific Coast in a small fishing community. Her style is Northwest Coast Art with a personal creative touch that enhances the unique, originality of all her artwork.

She is the sole owner and artist of Northern Dreams Arts & Gifts and has been running her own business since April 2014. Recently, Chelleen Houle has created two fully operational online stores and galleries ( and

“When you fully commit yourself to following your dreams, nothing can stand in your way."


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