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"Designs that inspire fun."
Please Note - The Colors of the actual fabrics are Much Brighter and Clearer than are displayed on this website.

HOW this Shop is Arranged and NOTE ABOUT Item NAMES.
•Many of the Designed Patterns have Specially Synchronized Solid Colors derived from that Pattern, that go very well with it in an Outfit.
The Pattern name is in the title of the Solid Color item.
•Solid Color items can be found in both the Pattern Collection and the Solids Collection.
•Consider a Solid Scarf with a matching Pattern Beanie - or the other way around ;)
•Colors printed on "poly" are vivid and closely matched. If you choose a Silk scarf, rather than polychiffon, look to see if I have made a "Silk Preferred" Color version. In that case I have shifted the files so they more closely resemble the colors that show up on the "poly", of the same Pattern Name.

Outfit Ideas can be made with Matching Tops and Accessories available in Collections at*

ABOUT the Art:
These designs and works of wearable-art, are inspired by actual photographs taken in Nature.
The artist adjusts the image until a surprisingly beautiful result appears.

The result is an art cycle, whereby the artist returns to the Natural original image, now seen and enjoyed through new eyes.

Previously available only through private sales, this art is now brought to you here.

Custom Requests are welcome here, please feel free to click on the Artist's Tumblr link, and message me there, for a quick reply.



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