Corinna Scholtysik picture

Corinna Scholtysik

Seattle, WA

"I'm a weird human being that runs on hot chocolate and a passion for art."

Corinna Scholtysik is an explorer of the 21st century with a brush and acrylic, oil or watercolor in hand.

With BAs in Art History and Education Science, her work is also a showcase of these two passions.

Her illustrations of and for children are inclusive and don’t belittle children as minor versions of adults but equal humans whose values and experiences are equally important in a world that often seems chaotic or negative. They capture both happy, maybe even innocent moments while they often include a hint of her illustrations and paintings for a more mature audience.

Capturing the weird, the funny and the dark moments in life, her illustrations and fine art paintings leave it up to the viewer to decide if a painting is funny, sinister or weird.

Corinna works as a freelance artist and illustrator out of Seattle, WA in the USA.



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