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Lori D. Russell - Creative Batik

San Diego, California -- North Park

Lori D. Russell is an emerging batik artist who began her quest to discover a medium that allowed her to create multiple layers of color and texture in her artwork, intrigued by the idea of spatial relationships and how positive and negative space is directly related. She grew up camping and hiking around the Grand Tetons, white water rafting on the Snake River, feeling the colors and textures of the outdoors. Lori began her career as an architectural drafter using computer programs to create layers to break down each component of a building.
Her main influence is stained glass windows and how the illuminating light contrasts the hard structure of the framework. Lori uses batik process to capture light with each layer of color. Batik is a slow-moving yet spontaneous art form--only so much of the process can be planned. Her joy comes from allowing a design idea to develop in her mind. She uses photography to capture each wave of color and wax to create a newly emerging dimension in the design. This emerging influence guides each step of the batik process.
Lori heightens the effects of each design using a crackle process during the final dying stage creating fine breaks in the wax resulting in a unique place for color to exist once the wax is removed. The viewer’s mind becomes part of the artwork as they seek to establish the connection between the existing patterns and how those patterns were created. Crackling gives each piece of artwork a weathered look that heightens the design strength instead of appearing as a flaw.
Lori is currently working at Art on 30th in North Park and her batik artwork is also available online at www.lori-russell.pixel.com. Lori is open to sharing her technique through group and private batik classes in the San Diego area.



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