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DEKKO / Art Made for Living

Portland, OR

Principle Artist and Founder of DEKKO Art Studio, Kristin Burnett, finds her inspiration in motherhood, world travels, training in the theater, Buddhism, and a life once lived in the corporate fast-lane.

All of these are credited with developing Burnett into the artist she is today, an independent driven by color, motion, and emotion. She believes art has saved her many times over, and now wants to pass on those passion-inspiring moments to others through her creations.

DEKKO's illustrations celebrate the ephemeral moments of life by framing the beauty and motion of each subject and its own emotional context within every canvas.

Clean line-work dominates our figure drawing, where white space speaks just as loud as the vivid colors that punctuate the strong emotional energy within each piece of DEKKO Art.

Working from real life subjects, landscapes, and subconscious images, the serene and the surreal merge into one. Utilizing photographs, art is manually transformed into the haiku of art nouveau using gouache, ink, and dry pigments, which are then digitally polished and turned into the products you see on our site. Contact Kristin directly at



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