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Dmitry Buldakov


Dmitry Alexandrovich Buldakov
(born February 7, 1983)
- a modern Belarusian artist,
a brilliant representative of pop-art movement,
who rapidly continues to gain popularity in the international
contemporary art scene.
He is also known in what is conventionally considered
commercial media — fashion, design, and interior.
The consistency of my art lies within the deviation from
established rules, standards and movements.
I have created my own juicy movement,
which I position as New Fusion,
being a logical protest to classics and
stagnant traditions.
The concept of my work consists in waking up
drowsy subconsciousness of every person,
so as to arouse the uniqueness of a human nature,
to go beyond the daily routine and stereotypes,
and feel the colors of life.
New fusion is directed to provoke us to actions,
realization of our youthful dreams;
to start up the mechanism of our inner energy
that would lead us to harmony and happiness.


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