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Drei Harten

Hartland, WI

I have been a watercolor artist and art mentor for the past 25 years. Recently, I have found tremendous joy and satisfaction in branching out, and taking my creations from the paper to women’s accessories.
It is my heartfelt desire for women to not only feel beautiful when wearing an original Drei Harten design, but to also BE beautiful. I hope to inspire artists and non-artists alike to get lost in the beauty that is inside us and all around us! When we feel beautiful, we are beautiful, and that is transferred to everything and everyone that we touch. You don’t have to be an artist to create beauty. We can create beauty with our smile, our laughter, and our love. When you embrace beauty, you create beauty. It is my fondest wish that women will be reminded of this simple, yet powerful message when they wear one of my pieces. Be Beautiful.
Each beanie prominently states in beautiful script "Be Beautiful" on the front.


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