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Elizabeth Tilak

I am an artist and designer who has crossed disciplines and borders in a successful international career spanning over thirty years. The themes in my art and design reflect on our commonality with each other while appreciating each of our unique qualities.

My website is www.liztilakdesign.com - II see my art as a process, a journey of discovery and an expression of the unseen. I see the visible world as an illusionary expression of patterns of energy in our minds. All my art in one way or another seems to touch on these themes. These visual diagrams are an interpretation of intuitive moments as I travel on an internal journey. The visible world seems to be an illusion that mirrors my thoughts. As my perceptions change so also does the world around me change. And as I probe deeper I discover new dimensions and invisible worlds within worlds.

My personal medium is line art. I have digitized my line drawings into contemporary surface art and design.The digitized designs can be adapted across a range of products for the home decor and gift market. If you wish to see more of my work, purchase or license some of the pieces please contact me via email.


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