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San DIego CA USA

I am Elzbieta, born in Europe and for last 20+ years living in USA - New York and San Diego. I finished national school of art and design in Poland with a B.A. in Fine Art and Design with Honors. I am trained in ceramic, max production ceramic with focus on table top accessories. Hand build monumental sculpture in clay. Oil, angoba, acrylic and ink painting. As well as architectual stein glass design and production

At this moment in my life, the most I am fascinated with the concept of using color as a healing influence, through utilizing the potent but gentle impact that color frequencies have on the human brain,
human body and human subtle energies

I am using the full capacity of my intuition, spiritual awareness
and healing energy knowledge in my art

I am tampering with the idea of combining
color healing frequencies with design and beauty
for everyday use objects


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