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Bethlehem, PA

Fun, Whimsy, Boutique Online Stores and Bakery.

Hi I'm Holly, and welcome to *Fairlings Delight,

Here at Fairlings Delight, I love to offer my treasured customers of all ages fun and unique Clothing, Home Goods, Personalized Gifts, Aeromatic Oils, Scrumptious Home Cooked Meals, ( during the Holidays ) and Desserts year round. I also offer **Charity Fundraising to Support Special Awareness Issues.

*What is a Fairling you ask?........*Fairlings is a Scottish word for Love Tokens.....Small gifts as Tokens of affection, such as sweets, hair ribbons, or small jewelry items.

I love designing Special Items for my Customers that are fun, fascinating, and whimsical. Looking for something special for yourself, or for the Loves in your Life?. Look no further..... Take your time to look ok......because I don't want you to miss a thing, and look for new Artwork, and Designs added weekly. I do offer a lot of different Items, but if there's anything you don't see in my Online Stores, please let me know, and I'll try my best to Design for you.

I also offer SOME **Charity Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations that Support Special Awareness Issues......Examples- Cancer, M.D., M.S., March of Dimes, Autism Diabetes, Mental Illness, Suicide.

Any questions, I can be reached at the info below. Thanks and have a wonderful day

Business Phone- 484-544-3484
E- mail-
[email protected]



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