Lowell S.V. Devin / #Fashion Lives Matter picture

Lowell S.V. Devin / #Fashion Lives Matter

Lowell S.V. Devin, author of the astounding new prophetic-essay book, ' The Van Gogh Code '.

Answering the call for ethnic balance and economic equality in both fashion AND lifestyle,
welcome to the only COMBINATION multi-cultural fashion solution of its kind in the world
lead by master fashion-print artist Lowell S.V. Devin.
"By completely re-defining the classic profiles of bodycon, fitted, flare, wrap and crop top
with my advanced new level fine-art formula, such specialty art and synergy-pattern mix
CAN NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE, thus creating a dynamic dual-solution for everyone." - Devin
© 2020 / Lowell S.V. Devin, Founder & Creator of Fashion Lives Matter



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