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Artist Fran Doll

Hollywood, Ca

Frances Marie King is an Avant Garde Art Deco Pop Artist & Designer.

Growing up with not much more then her imagination that grew so vivid over the years, Frances was forced to think outside the box.

She began to enjoy the challenge of creating something special with the scraps that were given. Her range became vast with years of experience as she dabbled in all fields of creating beauty from make-up artistry, photography, design to drawing and painting.

Creating decadent 3D pop art became her #1 career choice in 2009. Her palette includes bright and bold with splashes of neon, to hints of dark and mysterious. Her main artistic style is dedicated to enriching the likes of any and all.

She insists on being undefined or placed in one single box, knowing full well she's a free spirit with many facets like that of a diamond. To her spending time in the vortex of creation and exploring all the colors of the rainbow translates to an endless ocean of pure bliss. Enjoying the ride of life immensely, she hopes to lighten the hearts of onlookers willing to be seduced by the light.


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