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What a long strange trip it’s been. Born and raised in New York City, I became formally educated in physics, fine arts, economics, geography and dropped out of law school, twice, while living in Boulder, Boston and Amsterdam and working as a firefighter, soccer referee, game designer, caterer, high school instructor, real estate executive and handyman. The unique combinations of materials, technologies and techniques used to design and construct my artwork are a clear reflection of this diverse background. I am inspired by the limits of what is possible, creating motion with candles, mixing fire with ice and using surprising materials to move energy to where it can become truly beautiful. Examples of my work can always be found in my online gallery: viewed on my YouTube channel: and purchased from my online shop: You can also join my Facebook group: and follow me on Twitter: to get all the latest updates. I love to hear from my fans, and critics, and I enthusiastically take requests.


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