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Giliane Bader

Watertown, MA USA

My process is best explained by the Taoist concept of "wu wei", which translates as "doing without doing". Action arises from an empty mind without preconception or agenda. This approach often means going through chaos to create harmony with patterns, space, vibrant colors, and motion. As the composition develops more consciously, it remains based on spontaneity, intuitive awareness, and a sharp focus on the initial moment or feeling.

My goal is to express the beauty of the natural world, its power and energy, and its undeniable impact on the different species who are part of it. I have chosen the freedom, and challenges, of abstract work to convey what I viscerally experience. By sharing this experience, viewers may, I hope, feel a connection to the essence of the natural world.

In my latest work, my passions for nature and technology combine, as I craft each piece with digital tools on an iPad Pro, while maintaining a respect for tradition through the selection of archival pigments and fine art papers for my prints.


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