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Sheila Leduc Sikka

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Every pattern is made in dedication to life experiences that share authentic indepth meaning that will take your breath away. Bring beautiful masterpieces into your wardrobe that fulfill your true wants and desires in life. Finally feel free to express your true vibrant self by walking in desirable leggings that will bring out your inner beauty! Gleam more, be more, be you! <3 Imagine a world where you can finally ask for what you want and make it come to life! Email me if you need custom work:
I love to create works of art that bring utmost joy into the lives of those who appreciate true authentic artistry in the making.

Please be advised:
- The design colors of the leggings may vary due to the printing process
- All legging patterns are © 2017 - 2018 Sheila Leduc Sikka I Glimor Collection - Copyright - Do not copy, sell, or modify pattern designs made.
- No refunds or returns; final sale as they are on mega special!



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