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Gutbox is a collaborative effort consisting of nine New York based artists. With a mission to create running narrative threads through collective participation, the members of Gut Box weave disjointed stories that don’t suffer the absolution of a beginning or an end. By incorporating panels that vary slightly in size and are under the influence of at least two members before completion, the group allows a film reel like format to take shape without giving way to a truly linear sequence. The result is a vivid display of painterly cooperation that meets naked trust and invention.
While Gutbox doesn’t have a credo that is doctrinaire or normative in nature, as per Fauvism or Fluxus, or even (to a lesser degree) Abstract Expressionism, it shares a certain kinship with other fertile artistic associations. In the East Village of the 80′s, an eclectic array of artists worked, often in collective fashion, feeding off the critical mass of creativity that had concentrated in a particular locale. Similarly, Gutbox wants to be an effervescent oasis for original art, emphasizing the collaborative process and, at least on some level, sublimating the individual ego of the artist–as celebrated in the traditional Art History. Gutbox is striving to approximate the conditions that, at one time, favored the sort of intellectual and spatial breakthroughs that brought a bevy of precursive artists to transcend traditional boundaries in the SoHo of the sixties and seventies. Working collaboratively, those artists pooled their resources and established White Columns as a nexus, a syncretic and polyvalent space in which to challenge each other both intellectually and artistically, and showcase the resulting production.
Gutbox was founded in early 2010 by Nick Dyball, John J. Hagan, Jazz-minh Moore and Ray Sell. Their work was first shown at X Initiative’s BYOA event in February, 2010, at the old Dia Foundation space in Chelsea, NYC. Gutbox has since expanded to include eight members and an open-ended number of ‘visitor’ artist participants.


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