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Gypsy + Magnolia

Atlanta, GA

Born and raised in Alabama, designer Angie Leberte has always had a love for design and a dream to fulfill. As a child she danced around under her magnolia tree, picking flowers, mud on her feet, always in a dress with a bow in her hair. In 2013 she combined her southern roots and free-spirited personality to create Gypsy + Magnolia, a handmade clothing and accessories line.

Angie has a degree in Apparel Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles and a Bachelors in Apparel Design and Production Management from Auburn University. She continues to study both modern and traditional forms of textile arts in attempt to grow as an artist and designer.

Gypsy + Magnolia is created for the confident, adventurous, flower picking, free-spirited girls who dance around festivals with their flower totem in hand. The girl who isn’t afraid to be herself and push life to its limits.



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