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Hey JK!

Guelph, Ontario

JK is a multidisciplinary artist living in the heart of Guelph Ontario, and loving every minute of it. With a passion for making connections and inspiring creativity, she's full of life and all about fun! New to the city as of April 2019, JK has spent the majority of her life in Montreal. While living in Quebec she studied fine arts in Cejep at John Abbott College, and completed her Undergraduates Degree at Concordia University in Studio Arts, graduating with distinction in 2018.

Often inspired by themes of the grotesque and exaggerated expression, JK aims to find balance between comedy, the obscure and reality. Artists such as Thomas Rowlandson and James Gillray inspire her use of line and fuel her love of character studies. 
“I see a clear distinction between my two art styles. One is a fun, goofy, and colourful style of illustration, predominantly of exaggerated figures such as animals, people and foods. The second style has heavy black lines and cross contour, largely inspired by flora and fauna”. -Jk

JK has undertaken numerous private commissions, and has showed her work in several shows across Montreal. She can be found on her instagram page @hey.jk.guelph

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