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Inga Vereshchagina is an artist with a strong endeavor for new knowledge and skills, integrating studies of fine art history with an in-depth acquisition of business art. Inga’s academic accomplishments include degrees in Fine Arts Education & and Technical Drawing, Master of Arts in Fine Arts, and Master of Science in Psychology, culminating in over 20 years of experience in diverse specializations.

Her background, extensive qualifications, and multiplicity of interests permutated in reaching exceptional levels of achievements in a magnitude of dimensions in fine art solicitations, progressed with the creation of the “Sunqueen Art LLC” company and brand. Some of the company services are:

• Illustration
• Business Art
• Advertisement & Marketing Graphics
• Creative Psychological Consulting
• Industrial & Residential Design
• Theater & Movie Sets
• Art Lesson Curriculum
• Fine Art Instructions
• Jewelry & Fashion Design

According to Inga’s perception, everyone possesses a prodigious extent of talents and an aptitude for perpetual progress. Perceiving the world as energy of power Inga is determined to transfer it to paper, canvas, or apt receptive mediums. Embracing the infinity of universes she elects to express her visions and ideas in diverse styles and techniques from miniatures to large murals, pen and ink to acrylic or oil. Much of her work is conceptual in nature and derives from the sundry philosophies and legends of ancient civilizations, past and present cultures.

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Inga’s native tongues are Ukrainian and Russian, adding eloquence in English. Inga presently lives in the heartland of the Unites States, creating investment quality fine art. A great number of artworks are held in private collections worldwide, encompassing all continents.



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