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Jean Michel

Calgary, Canada

Jean Michel explores the depths of photography in many unique ways. His work adds rhythm with intricate designs, which creates a surreal and breathtaking artistic atmosphere. His pieces give off the illusion of movement giving character and a new light to the everyday things that we see. By daring to test the waters, he helps shape and highlights the different perceptions of the world.
Through these photographs, we get to see a glimpse inside Jean Michel’s mind and how he sees the world. With every image that is captured, we get to see more of how we can see art within art; we get to see the world though a different perspective and see the many ways in which beauty can be appreciated.
Having visited 100 countries, Jean Michel has acquired a new way of observing and capturing the true visual essence of the world. He always has a camera at hand, stating that you must be prepared to snap a photo at any given moment. Jean often brings one camera along on his many adventures whether it be hiking, skiing, climbing, or exploring a new feat. His approach has been noted as a very new, unusual, and stunning take on art. Photography is a craft of experimentation and constant improvement. You must be willing and ready to play around and by just doing as such.



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