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Jean Doremus Filson

Washington, il

Hi, my name is Jean Doremus Filson and I am an artist/muralist from central Illinois, USA. Welcome, I'm so happy to have you here! Here is a portfolio collection of my studio and mural work from over 28 years of painting.

I am always striving to visually communicate and emotional experience though the use of color, design and texture. I am motivated by nature and hope to install the essence of the natural world in all of my work. I sincerely hope you enjoy my artwork as I will be continually pushing myself and expand my voice.

If your interested in purchasing artwork or prints please visit my site

If your interested in the possibility of having a mural done or for any other questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected] I will get back to you ASAP!
Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy your visit!


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