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Manchester, Missouri

LIFE is MEANT to be FUN!
At age 19 I was awestruck by Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. Profoundly inspired by the incredible power of art, my life’s purpose to add positive energy to the world through art, became a burning passion!! OH YES!!! Join me to raise the happiness level one colorful product at a time! EXCITING!!! Through the years my colors evolved from black and white to my current radiant RAINBOW BRIGHT Palette!! FUN!! I no longer have neutrals in my closet! HA! I believe in COLOR! Color brings smiles and radiates energy.
My art career began with inspired ethereal drawings. Quickly these drawings received national and international agency representation. As a result, my work was licensed by multiple companies for years, selling millions of products such as collector plates, transfers, stationery, puzzles, etc: gracing dozens of books and magazine covers, and purchased by hundreds of private collections around the world.
Inspired by music, I created Abstract “Music Paintings”: intuitively transforming the energy of one’s favorite song into a wild and mystical abstract painting. Within months of creating my abstracts, they were shown in galleries in Miami, Chicago, and in Denver and St. Louis in one-man shows. The response was explosive. I was elated, but felt something was missing with pure abstraction.The exciting solution was to combine the delicate and romantic realism from my fine art training with the fearless vitality of abstract painting. Now the high energy of both worlds is experienced in one powerful expression.
I received my BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, and my MFA from Lindenwood University and the University of South Florida in Tampa. St. Louis is my home again, after spending my formative years in Tampa, Florida; Sedona, Arizona; and LA, returning home where my goal is to electrify and energize the viewer’s spirit to be all they can be!


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