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John Rula

Waterloo, Ontario

John Rula is a Waterloo Ontario based artist whose body of work has been in the making for over 30 years. This body of art represents a man's journey through life with all the battles, joys and pains that happen along the years. Rula's art comes complete with a variety of series, periods, and styles making the work versatile and wildly accessible. "Though my work I explore the essence and strength derived from colour and line. I have used colour to explore the contrast between the gentle and the aggressive in a harmonious play of action and stillness. Each shape and line speaks to the infinite potential of combining dark and light. Even though my paintings may look frantic at first they are about balance, as only one stroke can either destroy or complete the work. This experience is profound to me and gives me a wondrous feeling of harmony with the act of creation. Within each painting there is now a new language that has never been spoken until this moment. The viewer may understand this language in their own way, making each person’s experience unique."



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