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I guess here's where I put a few words about me...so let's start

My name is Kim, I'm a real life oilpainter, 3D modeler, 3D/2D/2.5D illustrator.
I Have high studies in real pastel/oil arts on canvas and wood and I try to adapt these techniques onto various tools of digital media.
My art consists of renderings of my 3D models, postworked on photoshop filters making them look as artistic as digitally possible, as well as digital painting,
I paint on wacom bamboo tablet imitating oil and pastels on some of my works.
My applications of choice are :
- 3D Blender (for modelling)
- zBrush (for modelling, painting textures)
- Photoshop (postwork, painting and filters)
- Corel Painter Essentials (tablet painting)
- ArtRage (digital oil, dirtpaint, pastel and other, on tablet)

My art has a very large variety of themes, from flowers and animals to portraits and fantasy... I try to do all my work without any predesign in mind... I just start off of some basic taught and add things as I progress :)
All my work is digital , either 3D and digital paint, or simply just digital paints.

I hope you enjoy my art !


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