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Hello... firstIy, I have got to say for starters, I am an artist not a writer. Also to clarify a little further, I am a self taught artist. So my bio may not come across as the most professional, but it is truly written by me, the artist. I have had others write my bios, ( each one was wonderfully written) but things evolve, change and what was important to include seems to not be as much anymore. This, I am sure is how it will always be. So instead of bothering my lovely author friends and asking them to make me sound fabulous, I will just instead try my best to keep this up to date as best as I can.

I was born and raised in Fort Frances Ontario and now I reside in Winnipeg Manitoba. I started out as a Wildlife artist but I have always loved Fantasy and was heavily influenced by another love...Comic Books. I eventually, finally made it over to the Fantasy genre. I must say though I am very happy for how the order went as I have now the ability to do more then just one genre but many.

I have been very fortunate so far and I have won one award in the Wildlife category and the was the Ducks Unlimited Provincial Artist of the Year for Manitoba in 2005, for my piece titled "Family Excursion" As for Fantasy I have been nominated for an Aurora Award in the Artistic Achievement category.

As for my published works they have been with mostly Dragon Moon Press, Dark Dragon Publishing and some self-publishing... Thank-you for taking the time out to read this... I may add more as time goes on.
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