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Kristin Frenzel

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I've always loved art. All my grade school tests had doodles of dinosaurs or me riding magic carpets. My teachers would scold me over the doodles, and I later found out (and I mean 20 years later) that a lot of my grade teachers kept those doodles in special folders because they actually loved them (go figure).

I have always enjoyed art, but my art I believe is more lowbrow then fine art. I want my art to be fun, to bring back memories of young childhood experiences. To take you back to your golden days, and bring a smile to your face.

I want to have as much fun painting my pieces as you do enjoying them. That is it, that is me and my artist bio!

I do get asked a lot, in interviews, and by curious art fans about why my paintings are a little off kilter, and the faces are kinda lopsided or quirky. See If I painted it as good as a photograph (and I can...I promise) It would look like the picture, and what is the fun in that?! I like negative space, and I like things to seem off, they stick with you longer, and so far its been a lot of fun to figure out fun ways to make my paintings seem "off" yet not completely detract from the subject!

I have so much fun painting, and I am greatly blessed to be able to do this for a living! So Thank you to everyone who makes that possible, and keep checking back, I always have new things coming!


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