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Laurence Marie Bilodeau

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Greetings and welcome to my page.

I am a visual artist and Reiki practitioner, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. I have been interested in art and alternative healing practices for as long as I can remember, and nurtured these interests over time.

On my artistic journey, I have become profoundly aware of the potential of uplifting that art has. I have learnt to utilize and guide the healing potential of art as well as the art of healing that is Reiki. And, with dedicated practice, I became successful at combining both practices with other healing practices, such as art therapy. If you are interested in learning more about this aspect of my practice, please visit

It is fair to say that the North has since influenced the way I create, think and live. This portfolio has been created with the intention to share my passion with the world, and to provide the northerners with a design outlet of its own.

Prior to this, I had the chance to grow up in a home where creativity was encouraged. My mother was an accomplished artist based in Québec, Canada, and her teachings are still guiding my artistic process today. Art has now become my way of life and definitely is the breathing hole of my existence. Nature, culture, and the unfiltered input of my children, are the main sources of my inspiration.

As for classic background, thirty years ago I studied visual arts and creative writing at Laval university, Québec, Canada. My favorite mediums of the moment are acrylic and ink, and I also enjoy incorporating writing material and other textures.

Much Love




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