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Life Connection Studio: SaraAmarie

Southwest USA

The things I love~ Creativity. Deep conversation. Splashing in the creek. Painty hands. Healthy living. Art journaling. Family. Energy work. Red rocks in the southwest. Embodiment. Flowers. Sandals. Joy. Sunsets. Crystals. Watching my girlies become amazing humans. Palm trees. Stories of the past. Dancing. Intuition. Hiking. Friends. Peacocks. Natural food stores. Dragons. Powers of the mind and heart. Elephants. Traveling. Graphic design. Cute little ice cream shops. Evolution. Toes in the grass. Rain. Strapy shirts. Connection. Summertime. Time with hubby. Stargazing. Music. Rock climbing. Walking main street in little towns. Respect of others beliefs. Naps. Contentment. Farmer's Markets. Shopping. Goodies in the mail. Cloud watching. Pondering life's mysteries.


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